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pkg.go.dev is more concerned with Google's interests than good engineering

pkg.go.dev sucks. It’s certainly prettier than godoc.org, but under the covers, it’s a failure of engineering characteristic of the Google approach.


Google is well-known for forbidding the use of software using the GNU Affero General Public License, commonly known as “AGPL”. Google is also well-known for being the subject of cargo-culting by fad startups. Unfortunately, this means that they are susceptible to what is ultimately anti-AGPL propaganda from Google, with little to no basis in fact.


Hello again! Another month of FOSS development behind us, and we’re back again to share the results. I took a week off at the end of June, so my progress this month is somewhat less than usual. Regardless, I have some updates for you, mainly in the domain of SourceHut work.


It’s March 2nd, 1943. The user asks your software to schedule a meeting with Acmecorp at “9 AM on the first Monday of next month”.

ACG POWER:ACG POWER 这是一个 ACG 类网站辅助工具。 通过淘宝购买激活码: https://shop69634408.taobao.com/search.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w5002-1815733057.1 ...

‎App Store 上的“TestFlight”:2021-12-11 · ‎TestFlight 可让您轻松测试 iOS、Apple TVOS 和 watchOS App 的 Beta 版本,并在开发者将 App 发布到 App Store 前为他伊提供有价值的反馈。若要成为测试者,只需按照开发者的公共链接或其发送给您的电子邮件邀请中的链接操作即可。TestFlight 会打开,伍便您接受邀请,然后安装开发者的 App。 测试 Beta 版App 时 ...

Introducing the BARE message encoding

I like stateless tokens. We started with stateful tokens: where a generated string acts as a unique identifier for a resource, and the resource itself is looked up separately. For example, your sr.ht OAuth token is a stateful token: we just generate a random number and hand it to you, something like “a97c4aeeec705f81539aa”. To find the information associated with this token, we query the database — our local state — to find it.

Email service provider recommendations

Email is important to my daily workflow, and I’ve built many tools which encourage productive use of it for software development. As such, I’m often asked for advice on choosing a good email service provider. Personally, I run my own mail servers, but about a year ago I signed up for and evaluated many different service providers available today so that I could make informed recommendations to people. Here are my top picks, as well as the criteria by which they were evaluated.


Like last month, I am writing to you from the past, preparing this status update a day earlier than usual. This time it’s because I expect to be busy with planned sr.ht maintenance tomorrow, so I’m getting the status updates written ahead of time.

Can we talk about client-side certificates?

I’m working on improving the means by which API users authenticate with the SourceHut API. Today, I was reading RFC 6749 (OAuth2) for this purpose, and it got me thinking about the original OAuth spec. I recalled vaguely that it had the API clients actually sign every request, and… yep, indeed it does. This also got me thinking: what else signs requests? TLS!

Add a "contrib" directory to your projects

There’s a common pattern among free- and open-source software projects to include a “contrib” directory at the top of their source code tree. I’ve seen this in many projects for many years, but I’ve seen it discussed only rarely — so here we are!

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